Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Earn Bitcoins For your Coins. ph

If you have a Coins. ph account and want to make Bitcoin money, here are some websites that gives you Bitcoins for small job like viewing Ads. If you don't have a Coins. ph account yet SIGN UP HERE.

Once you have signed up for a Coins. ph account, you need to get your coins .ph wallet address. This are string of letters and numbers. You can use this address when adding funds to your account, or when receiving Bitcoin from anyone. You may also use your QR code but most websites needs the combination of letters and numbers.

To get your coins .ph wallet address go to your Wallet dashboard (https://coins. ph/wallet) and click the QR code at the upper right part of your peso or bitcoin wallet.
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You will then see the pop-up box with your Peso or Bitcoin wallet address:
 Coins. ph, coins, bitcoin, Philippines, make money online Manila, make money online cebu
The string of letters and numbers at the middle of the pop-up is your coins. ph wallet address.

Here are the websites offers Bitcoin for your Coins. ph

PTC websites (View Ads)

1. BTC Clicks 
2. Bitter io 
3. Ads4btc    
4. Coinadder 
5. Coinbulb 
6. Bits2u 

Faucets (Solve Captcha) - for this type of website you will need Microwallet to receive small Bitcoin payments here the top Microwallet out there that you will need: Faucethub, Epay, faucetsystem and Coinpot register your Bitcoin Wallet to these Microwallet websites before doing Faucets.

1. Eobot
2. Multicoin Faucet
3. Fauceting
4. Worldofbitcoin
5. Xbitcoin
6. Sunbtc. space
7. Weatherx coin
8. Chronox coin
9. Huefaucet
10. Sunmoonbit coin
11. Btc for everyone
12. Trustbtc faucet
13. Bitfun
14. Moonlite coin
15. Bagi Coin Bitcoin


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