Companies That Offer Home Based Jobs (Directory)

51Talk - The fastest growing online English Language Teaching platform in China and the Philippines.

Virtual Coworker - Recruitment company based in Australia which provides home-based Filipino professionals the opportunity to expand their careers and skill-set by working for global companies.

Doubledot Media New Zealand based compay that specialize in the development of online training programs and software applications for people building online businesses. a shopping and travel web guide. it is a one-stop national online directory and guide for shoppers, diners, and travelers to find stores, restaurants, and resorts offering specific brands, food, or services.

eComEngine, LLC a software firm that are engage primarily on cloud-based tools for small-to-large Internet retailers like Amazon.,  is the leading online-dictionary provider in Japan. Their Philippine office was established in August 2014. In less than a year, it has managed to broaden its operations from hiring home-based tutors to offering office-based tutorial opportunities to job seekers. -  business process and back office outsourcing solution with a focus on understanding and customizing back office processes. The offer extensive knowledge and proven workflows to increase efficiency, the technology, security and infrastructure to support the most complex of requirements.

ProShortlist - this is an Australian based research company that does extremely complex non-voice/Internet based research for a number of large companies. They have an existing Manila based research team who all work from home.


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