Saturday, November 10, 2012

Real Estate Data Entry Analyst

We are a new and quickly growing business process outsourcing company catered to real estate agents in the US. We mainly perform data entry services.

We are looking for multiple people who possess the following:

1 Career driven attitude
2 Computer savvy skills
3 Solid English skills
4 Solid Math skills
5 Hard working (Ability to work paid overtime if requested)

What degrees best fit with this line of work?
- Accounting
- Business
- Economics
- Finance
- Information Technology
- Marketing
- Real Estate

College degree preferred but not required. If no degree, you must have a strong background with equivalent & relevant work experience in the real estate industry or any virtual assistance service.

TRAINING PAY is set at 8K for 20 days. Following pay is performance based paid by the job, not the hour. This averages 10-12k/mo for newer employees and has potential for increase through raises, bonuses, and/or job promotions within the company.

How to Apply
Please send resumes to


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