Wednesday, May 8, 2013

VA for Real Estate Company (Anywhere in the Philippines) $4/hour

Industry: Real Estate Brokerage (specializing in distressed assets sales)

Job Title: Virtual Assistant

Main Responsibilities and Tasks:
1. Update, verify and correct entries, descriptions and photos on the client's website and system
2. Search for and compile information
3. General data entry and compilation

Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Highly proficient in English (spoken and written)
2. Familiar with real estate foreclosures and real estate terminologies
3. Can write solid descriptive paragraphs about a property given basic information and photos
4. Can do general market research
5. Quick study (fast-learner, smart)
6. Task- and detail-oriented, highly accurate (follows instructions well, values protocols and procedures, no missteps, always spot on)
7. Resourceful and has initiative (madiskarte, can get the job done despite obstacles)
8. Can work with minimal supervision (reliable, diligent)
9. Honest, trustworthy and loyal
10. Must be committed to work (punctual, no habitual absenteeism, no excuses/alibis)
11. Must have fast and reliable internet (and an alternative if main internet bogs down)
12. Must stay with the company for at least 1 year

Work Schedule: Full time, long-term; Monday-Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. (EST) excluding US holidays

Pay Rate: $4/hour

Pay Raise: Up to $5/hour after evaluation of performance and attendance on the 6th month

How to Apply:

Send resume to
Write 'EFH VA Applicant' as the Subject of your email
Briefly state in your cover letter why you are qualified for the post, highlighting any previous work experience relative to the job


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