Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vicidial / Asterisk Expert - Homebased

Vision: To be the first name that comes up when you think of outbound telemarketing. That means we'll be revolutionizing a multi-billion dollar industry. To enable thousands of people from around the world to work from home and grow both personally and professionally.

Purpose: To make it possible for workers anywhere around the world to work from their homes and serve clients with the best possible outbound services at the lowest possible cost.

Mission: To be the #1 source for quality outbound telemarketing staff, management and technology.

- Honesty, transparency and open communication
- Personal & professional growth
- Fun, enjoyment and sense of community

Urgent: Vicidial / Asterisk Expert - Homebased is looking for someone with 1 or more years experience in:

Managing Asterisk Vicidial
Implementing vicidial installations
Managing Linux servers
Managing VOIP connections
Server administration
Please answer this questionnaire upon submitting your application:

How many Vicidial installations have you done?
How many agents have you setup to run on Vicidial before?
What are common issues encountered and how do you overcome them?

Apply now and Be hired right away ! We offer comprehensive compensation package.



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