Saturday, December 13, 2014

Internet Researcher - Homebased Job, Day-shift hours

ProShortlist a research company based in Australia which is engaged in very complex non-voice/Internet based research for a number of large companies is looking for Internet Researchers to expand the existing Manila based research team. ProShortlist head office is located in Sydney, Australia.

Job Qualifications:

  •     Huge enthusiasm for gadgets,technology, latest Internet services.
  •     Knowledgeable and use Reddit, Quora, Twitter
  •     Can absorve information like a sponge
  •     Can pick up new technology skills much faster than your friends and peers
  •     Obsessed with making things perfect.
  •     Great English writing skills.

Essential Requirements:

  •     Minimum 3mbps ADSL connection required once you pass training. Wireless/3G is not fast enough.
  •     Fast computer with a decent sized screen.
  •     A quiet, well-lit and distraction free area to work in your home.
  •     Must be extremely computer savvy
  •     Fast typing skills
  •     Excellent written English
  •     You are a little bit OCD when it comes to getting things perfect

Work at the comfort of your home:

ProShortlist is a virtual company which means that their staff and workers don't have a dedicated central office. The company have staff in India, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines and Thailand.



  1. dont apply in this company. me and my friends have been waiting for our training pay for almost a month, 3-4 weeks running now and still nothing. im just wondering if this is only the case for us who didnt pass training, what if actually they do this to their employees too? they dont prioritize their people first. they want quality work but they cant equalize it by sending out payments "[B]in timely manner[/B]".

    to the owner: you only get your $$$ because of your ppl, so work extra hard to reflect on their hardwork by giving out payments in due time! by due time i meant no late payments! thumbs down to this company!

  2. All training payments are made within 4 weeks of you successfully or unsuccessfully completing our training. If you have not received your payment please email your training manager to confirm the PayPal details you provided.

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