Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home Based Job: Technical Support/Customer Service Representative

eComEngine, LLC a software firm that are engage primarily on cloud-based tools for small-to-large Internet retailers like Amazon is looking for Technical Support/Customer Service Representative to work in the comfort of their own home.

  1. To provide a pleasant and high-quality customer service experience for every customers of the company- at the sales stage, implementation stage, service maintenance stage and the post-service stage of our relationship.  Includes an emphasis on customer retention.
  2. To answer customer service tickets in a professional and timely fashion.  Includes consulting with business analysis and/or development personnel in cases where technical problems arise.
  3. To perform 1st level technical support for the assigned product.  This includes completely understanding the customer’s description of the problem and determining whether or not the feature is supported (or should be supported).  Also includes making recommendations to business analysis for potential additional features.
  4. To be an active participant in cross-sales efforts.  Includes properly identifying cross-sales opportunities and passing those opportunities to the sales team and properly caring for the customer during the cross-sales process.
  5. To develop a working knowledge of all of eComEngine’s software products.  Includes participation in training opportunities as well as putting forth effort in self-study.
Necessary Skills:
  1. Excellent English written communication
  2. Excellent English reading comprehension
  3. Very high attention to detail
  4. High customer empathy
  5. Ability to understand and explain complex business processes
  6. Ability to troubleshoot technical issues
  7. Ability to work effectively within a team of professionals
  8. Ability to to work independently from a home office
  9. Ability to work 8AM - 5PM EST/EDT, US
  10. Interest in and understanding of cloud-based software
Desired Skills:
  1. Ability to connect to SQL server database and write elementary queries
  2. Advanced Excel skills
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