Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SEO Expert - Link Building

Established Internet marketing company seeking an experienced link builder to help maintain and develop links for client accounts. This will initially be a part-time job (15-20hrs per week), but will build to full-time.

Link builder must have extensive knowledge and experience working with blogs, article submissions, press releases, directory submissions, one way links, link wheels etc.

Link builder must also have experience in social media/ viral marketing including social bookmarking sites and tools, facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, industry related forums & blogs, etc.

You will be required to do some writing, such as short articles and micro blogs.

There may also be some virtual assistant jobs along the way - however, the focus will remain on link building/internet marketing

If interested and qualified, please email your resume, links to previous work and a minimum of two writing samples. You must have excellent written English skills.

IMPORTANT: You will also need to indicate your desired part-time salary

Compensation: payment can be set up through Automatic Subsciption in Paypal or similar. 50% up front and 50% at completion of each month

Reply to: job-rztv8-1758266231@craigslist.org


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