Friday, July 26, 2013

Workforce Specialist - Remote Staff

  •     Attend to daily staffing attendance requirements
  •     Generate established Compliance reports in a timely manner
  •     Monitor real-time staff schedule adherence and compliance
  •     Monitor screen shots and other efficiency tracking reports 
  •     Manage call-in line
  •     Communicate identified compliance breach to CSRO, CSRO Manager and Workforce Analyst
  •     Responsible for monitoring and effective usage of the compliance tools in the Remote Staff portal  by providing timely updates for staff schedule adherence.
  •     Creation and interpretation of productivity measurement reports within the portal.
  •     Responsible to assist in defining and executing a Compliance Management strategy that maximizes staff availability for Remote Staff clients, achieves service level targets and business goals while meeting compliance requirements.
  •     Works closely with the Workforce Analyst and CSROs for daily operations
  •     Perform other duties and assignments as directed and administration experience preferred


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