Monday, March 24, 2014

Online Client Services Manager - Work from Home - Manila Based

Job Description

1. Manage, edit, review and refresh content on our website to increase reach and visit frequency of the site.
2. Ensure the web content meets the needs and interests of the target group of website visitors.
3. Creation and publishing of an eBulletin to engage visitors and management of discuession forum.
4. Monitor traffic to the website
5. Client satisfaction of the site
6. Proofreading and creating copy
7. usability of the site/user interface
8. Managing the day to day administration of the site such as adding new users, sending out eBulletin on a monthly basis, having online meeting with the clients (condo managers).
9. Oversee the Roll out of new features
10. Giving directions to the technical team
11. Manage relationship with about 10 condominiums. The condo managers will be your primary point of contact.


1. Good educational background in related fields.
2. Experience of creating attractive content and writing/editing.
3. Good face-to-face and telephone communication skills
4. Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, basic photo editing and Internet eg. WordPress and other blog or media tools)
5. Flexibility, accuracy, strong analytical skills and an eye for detail.
6. customer focused.
7. Pro-active and positive attitude
8. Strong online experience. Must be very comfortable with interfacing and giving direction to a team of web designers.
9. Business person that has a strong web hobbyist background:
    a. Someone who uses twitter and has own blog
    b. Someone who is interested in trends and online community
    c. Strong creative flair
    d. Worked as a suit/client services manager at an established advertising firm.
10. Manage the sending out of EDM (electronic data mail)
11. Basic knowledge of graphics tools such as Photoshop.

Company Overview: helps create web portals for Condominium and cluster house developments.



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