Monday, March 24, 2014

Senior Finance Manager - Work From Home - Based in Manila

Job Description:

1. Accounting/Bookkeeping

a. Responsible for the full spectrum of accounting activities, including full sets of accounting and reporting.
b. Preparing and processing of sales invoices
c. Assist the Singapore accountant
d. Prepare the scope of work for new clients
e. Prepare and process payroll and expense claims for Philippin staff
f. Coordinate work with audit firms and corporate secretarial agents
g. Setting up of internal process from an accounting point of view
h. Preparing of bank reconcillation reports

2. Finance

a. Creating of financial models to determnie the ROI, Future Value for business investments.
b. Cost and benefits anaylysis
c. Work closely with the MD on expnasion plans and to review cost to company and cash flow analysis.

3. Human Resource

a. Responsible for preparing offer letters to staff and contractors.
b. Provide support for manpower planning, recruitment, and selection process.


a. Minimum diploma in accounting
b. Proficient in English (written and spoken)
c. Must be very assertive and not shy. Must be able to speak up and be comfortable to be stern with employees.
d. Advance Microsoft Excel skills such as forward planning modelling of what-if scenarios.
e. Must have a quite room with a fast ADSL internet connection to work from home.
f. Must have had experience speaking directly with corporate clients. Need to be clear and organized in speech and thought process. we are looking for a very analytical and logical person.

Bonus Skills:

a. Experience in using QuickBooks and MYOB
b. Relevant experience in liaising with audit firms and corporate secretarial agents.
c. Experience in leading a small team. Good if you have managed staff before.
d. Relevant work experience in a Singapore accounting firm.
e. Has a CPA or member with other recognised accounting bodies.
f. Worked in Singapore in the past.

Interviews will be conducted in Manila at the end of March 2014. Send in CV ASAP and company will contact you through Skype interview before face-to-face meeting.

Must be currently working and based in Manila. Company is not looking for staff to be based in other parts of the Philippines.

Must be prepared to travel to Singapore twice a year for training and meeting of clients and team members.

You will work from your home. No more long commutes to work needed! No traffic!

Client Company Brief:

Our client is an International Financial Services Company that has a travel division in Singapore to service their top clients for non-corporate travel.

They are the most established players in the financial services space and their Asia Pacific Headquarters is based in Singapore.

Apart from having a family-friendly work culture, numerous benefits, employees also receive 21 days of vacation annually! Flexi leave of 5 days on top of this.  Full insurance. Employees are groomed and encouraged to move laterally and vertically within the organization.

They have offices in most major cities of the world and their business is expanding!



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