Sunday, April 12, 2015

Internet Researcher, Home based job Day-shift hours

Australian based research company, ProShortlist is looking for Internet Researcher who are willing to work at home. The company is research based and do large scale extremely complex non-voice/Internet based research for cliends. They are expanding their Manila based research team.

The company offers:

Excellent basic monthly salary
PHP 3,000 monthly Internet and computer allowance
10 days paid leave annually
Paid public holiday
13th month pay
PHP 3,000 monthly health insurance contribution to cover your individual or family HMO plan.


Extreme passion for technology, gadgets and the latest Internet services
Familiar with Reddit, Quora, and Twitter
Perfect written English
Minimum 3mbps ADSL connection required once you pass training. Wireless/3G is not fast enough.
Fast computer with a decent sized screen.
A quiet and distraction free area to work in your home.
Must be extremely computer savvy and a quick typer.

Apply here


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