Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Virtual Assistant: Business Consulting Company Australia (Home Based/Part Time)

Roles and Responsibilities:
  •     Give personal assistance to the the CEO of the company
  •     Give support sales administration using Account Management
  •     Use Teamwork PM to monitor projects/tasks on it and make sure project deadlines get done
  •     Creation of business and task process documents
  •     Source companies to conduct tasks, get quotes, review and report
  •     Provide Online Research by obtaining quotes from clients, research and make a list of clients, lead generation using LinkedIn and Google
  •     Provide monthly newsletter
  •     Edit pictures, searching for images and placing text on images – uploading on instagram and other social media sites
  •     Build email lists
  •     Testimonials collation from customers
  •     Travel research & bookings
  •     Support and errand requests as required (online purchases etc)

Skills Needed:
  •     Fluent in English language both spoken and written
  •     Have 2 to 3 years Marketing experience is a plus
  •     Knowledge in basic Photo editing
  •     Data entry skills
  •     Know how to use the following tools:
  •     - Teamwok PM
  •     - Google drive
  •     Good at research and data collation
  •     Wordpress - updates/blog and content updates
  •     Xero – basic data entry/updates
  •     Willing to work part time 4 hours a day - AU time
  •     Amenable to start immediately

Nice to have:
  •     Can create draft requests in excellent English (copywriting) and interpret the meaning/purpose
  •     Has the ability to prioritize activities in order to reach goals which will have maximum impact on the business
  •     Good eye for design and what looks good
  •     Entrepreneur spirit, looks above and beyond and new ways to do things
  •     Ideas generator

Equipments needed for home office:
  •     Stable internet connection of at least 1 MBPS and a backup plan
  •     Quiet room to work with no distractions or background noises whatsoever
  •     Up to date computer system with a minimum of Windows 7 or Mac OS X
  •     Perfectly working headset and webcam

Personal Qualities needed:
  •     Punctual
  •     Must be able to communicate problems and solutions effectively
  •     Must always have a great attitude and willing to learn



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