Saturday, May 9, 2015

Social Media Assistant, Leadership and Development Co. US (Home Based/Part Time)

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Handle Social Media postings (which have been written and developed by others) through Hootsuite. Manage on a monthly basis, including uploading, scheduling, and monitoring
  • Monitor and respond to 4 speaking websites - monitor for new opportunities that fit client’s criteria, then respond with a standard package, monitor for replies.
  • Upload content on  the website (web interface, no programming skills required)
  • Monitor posts and replies, bringing pertinent information to CEO's attention.
  • Teleseminar scheduling and setup (WebEx event center)
  • Other similar functions as assigned.
  • Revise materials into branded templates
  • Create short videos of walking through the technical components of the web site. E.g.  using snagit to document how we create a new user, how we assign a role, etc.

  • Proficiency in basic Social Media sites and postings
  • Web search skills - superior level
  • Ability to handle some SEO, like linkbuilding and article posting is a strong plus
  • Flowcharting ability through Visio, or even better, OmniGraffle for Mac will be a plus
  • High quality English, written and verbal communication
  • Resources to interact virtually through WebEx on a regular basis
  • Basic WordPress is a plus (editorial and posting, not web design).
  • Need to be collaborative, and good team player
  • Willing to work full time 4 hours a day US time
  • Amenable to start immediately

Must Have:

  • Please only apply for this role if you have the following home office requirements:
  • Stable internet connection of at least 1 MB/s and a backup plan
  • Quiet room to work with no distractions or background noises whatsoever
  • Up to date computer system with a minimum of Windows 7 or Mac OS X
  • Perfectly working headset and webcam
  • Personal characteristics we require:
  • Must be highly punctual
  • Must be able to communicate problems and solutions effectively
  • Must always have a great attitude and willing to learn

Apply here

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