Sunday, March 27, 2016

Make Money Online: 8share

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If you love spending time on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram why not earn from it by sharing new things to your friends.

Share the latest cool stuff with your friends on social media. You'll be the first to share things like videos, movie trailers, concerts, product offers, contests & more.

This is a fast, easy and fun way to get earn money online. Just spend 3 minutes a day sharing something fun with your friends. It's very easy to earn some extra money on 8share.

How does it work:

All you need to do is share a Special link that you can obtain in your 8share account to your social media networks like Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Everytime you get a unique visit (U.V.) you earn money for it.  Unique visit (U.V.) is a click on the Special link you've shared from a unique visitor that comes from within Philippines.

You can get the money you've earned from 8Share through online bank transfer, upon cash out request.

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