Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Home based Net Web Developer

Sticky Tickets Australia Pty Ltd is looking for dedicated developer to work for a growing startup company based in Sydney, Australia. Applicant should be passionate about building great products and scaling them.

Sticky Tickets Australia Pty Ltd is an online ticketing company. 

The position is for home based, applicant will be working remotely from home.

Important note: Applicant that has been short listed should be prepared to go through a skills test that may take between 2-3hrs to complete. If you are unable to dedicate the time to do the task please do not apply. (The task can be completed remotely)

Skills & Requirements

The company is searching for someone who has experience with this kind of work, build products and scaled them. You've probably worked at a startup if not started one. You're passionate about building great products and tackling big data and technology challenges.

• A good communicator who is fluent in English (written and verbal)
• Previous experience working from home
• A lateral thinker and problem solver
• 3+ years commercial experience
• Strong in ASP.NET C#
• MSSQL >=2012
• Frontend, JavaScript (especially jQuery), HTML5, CSS, XML
• IS 10, AWS
• Experience in .NET MVC5
• Ability to develop using minimalist specifications

Suitable applicants will be required to perform a skills test. The right applicant will secure a full time role on a rolling contract at an agreed rate.

Contact details

Salary: AUD$3500-4000pm negotiable



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