Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Work From Home: Online Micro Jobs

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If you are looking for another source of income that you can do from home doing simple tasks then doing work on Online Micro Jobs is a great way to boost your income. You can register for FREE and start doing simple task like blog, Youtube, website commenting, like a video, forum posting, entering your Zip code, downloading a file, liking a Facebook page, Tweeting, etc.

Once you have registered for FREE, all you need to do is log in and go to the "Workers" tab. Then look for micro jobs that you can do. After finishing a job, it will be manually checked by the employer or the people who created the job. Your finished job will be Pending until the Employer Accepts or Declines your work or once 7 days have passed with no selection by the Employer. Attention to detail is important so you will not waste your time and the time of the employer.    

If the Employer does not accept or reject your work in 7 days the work is automatically accepted and your account credited on the 7th day.   

Once you have accumulated $10 you can withdraw your money to your PayPal account.

Create your Account and Start Earning Immediately! Sign up here and get a $1.00 Bonus.


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