Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Student Support (Full time)

* Php 25,000 - 30,000 / month

An Australian online education company is looking for a virtual Student Support with the following skill-set and competencies:

EXCELLENT WRITTEN and ORAL communication skills (previous capacity as EMAIL and VOICE support is HIGHLY PREFERRED).
EXCELLENT business writing skills, REQUIRED.
Candidate must be willing to render some overtime during weekdays and weekends, when business exigencies require.
Must be available on Skype during working hours.
Must have stable, fast WIRED internet access, and an up to date computer.
Must be able to start immediately.

Requirements and skills needed:

  • Student Support
  • Email, chat, forums, minimal voice and reception support
  • Troubleshooting computer, course, voucher issues
  • Course and admin support
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Support - via phone and email.
  • Admin and reportorial deliveries
  • Other work as required

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Voucher support: Assisting clients to be able to redeem their course when using a voucher code, redeeming on students behalf occasionally, checking voucher code to see if valid, assisting students with expired vouchers
  • Computer / system support: Assisting students to view online course through Fordela and Prop Profs our online learning platforms. 
  • Helping determine any issues with their computer in regards to internet speed and firewalls. 
  • Giving students access to their course when they have misplaced their password via email. 
  • Assisting students if they have issues viewing videos.
  • Course support: Providing students with feedback to their questions regarding course content and qualification received on completion.
  • Assessment support : Requires assisting students with questions in relation to the assessment of their course ie. How many questions, type of assessment, how many attempts do they receive, what happens on completion, incorrect links - cant access assessment. Resend Certificates if student requires.
  • Bounced emails: Transferring emails to email folder, correcting any email addresses that are incorrect.
  • Contacting student to clarify email address.
  • Forums: Entering any external forums to assist students with questions they have.
  • Chat inquiries: assisting students through our online chat system with any questions they have in regards to our courses
  • Website inquiries: assisting students with questions that come directly through our website - contact us page. 
  • Update of leads: Occasional help required to assist in update of leads subject to the number that are coming in daily.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reportorial requirements
  • Liaison with other teams
  • Handling Phone, Chat and Forum messages: May be called upon to return reception calls if the number of inquiries are high. These calls normally relate to student asking questions about courses that they are interested in and all the answers are on our website - so you will be able to find the answers there. Other reception calls relate to all of the above duties.
  • Student Services: providing after sales service and support to students for the purposes of building long term relationships with students.
  • Sales Services: Contacting new and existing customers to introduce and offer products, as rolled out.
Applicant must be RELIABLE, hard working, with good work ethics, must have positive attitude, flexible, capable of working remotely, independent, and able to make sound decisions.

Must be proactive in being able to solve problems, able to work under pressure and technically savvy,

Here's how to apply:

In sending your your application:

1. State the reason why you think that you are the perfect fit for the job.
2. Put 'Student Support Application' in the subject of your email plus your Skype ID and email address
    e.g. Student Support Application - (myskypeID / myemailaddress)
3. ATTACH your resume (with picture), AND ALSO PASTE it onto the body of your email.
4. Write a short paragraph about what your dream job is - and why.

Required Skills:

• Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
   - Admin Assistant
   - Data Entry
   - Email Management
   - Project Coordinator
   - Research

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

• Marketing & Sales
   - Affiliate Marketing
   - Direct Mail Marketing
   - Email Marketing
   - Lead Generation

• Customer Service & Admin Support
   - Community Forum Moderation
   - Customer Support
   - Email Support
   - Phone Support
   - Tech Support



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