Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fund Acquisition Officer (Home Based)

This position is home-based requiring 20 hours/week schedule. Schedule is US Time.


1. To provide assistance in acquiring grants and funding from private corporations (i.e. pharmaceutical,
biotechnology, etc.), foundations, and other funding agencies for several investigator-initiated projects
(i.e. product development and clinical trials).

2. Identify funding sources to support investigator-initiated projects in product development and clinical
trials for new investigational drugs and products. Develop database for monitoring.

3. Review calls for proposal and recommend if it fits company program and whether company should
pursue funding opportunities.

4. Closely work with the Medical Director and Director for Business Development in writing and
developing funding proposals and collating additional requirements needed prior to submission.

5. Attend meeting and presentations of proposals to prospective funding groups.

Requirements for Application:

BS/MS/MA in Business Development Courses, Development Studies, Business Administration, Technical and
Life Science Courses
Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Product Development and Clinical Research Industry
Demonstrated at least 3 years experience in proposal writing and fund acquisition from funding agencies,
foundations, and government/private institutions
Competent in use of Microsoft Program


Salary is commensurate with experience and requirements of position. Performance incentives, healthcare,
disability and retirement benefits as well as equity options are available (upon regularization).


Please send CV AND SAMPLE WORK (i.e. Funding Proposal) to: HR.ZYRELTAACA@GMAIL.COM
Indicate the position you are applying for in the subject field to be prioritized. CVs first.

Salary    PHP20K - PHP50K (Negotiable)


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