Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Customer Support Representative - SaleHoo

Doubledot Media a New Zealand based compay that specialize in the development of online training programs and software applications for people building online businesses.

The company is looking for a Customer Support Representative for their SaleHoo.com customers. SaleHoo is an online directory of wholesale suppliers that are used by eBay sellers and ecommerce website owners. The representative will play a vital role answering customer inquiries and ensuring our valued members receive maximum support and care with their purchase.

The ideal candidate will be a strong communicator with attention to detail who is dedicated to providing friendly and outstanding customer service.

  •     Answer to customer inquiries and pre-purchase emails about SaleHoo.com products.
  •     Daily moderation of the forum and replying to customer questions.
  •     Search for quality wholesale suppliers to add to the Wholesale Directory.
  •     Contact wholesalers to request more information and to verify their authenticity.
  •     Creating tailored lists of wholesalers for customers targeting a specific niche.
  •     Solving any technical problems the customer is having with their account.
  •     Recording FAQs and other information as required.
  •     Searching our database for customer information and updating records.

  •     Excellent written English and communication skills, a 'switched-on' friendly manner and the ability to build a rapport with customers through email.
  •     A background selling on eBay and/or experience working in the wholesale industry.
  •     A good understanding of what SaleHoo is all about.
  •     Meticulous attention to detail - no spelling mistakes please!
  •     Work to a very high standard.
  •     Highly organized and motivated with good time management skills.
  •     The ability to respond and resolve customer complaints in a clear, pleasant manner.

This position is full time and can be carried out from any location, provided you have a good internet connection.

Here's how to Apply:
  •     Compose an email to jobs@doubledotmedia.com with the Subject: Search Marketing Position.
  •     Write a short (but not one-sentence) introduction with a description of yourself and your experience.
  •     Attach your CV as a PDF (No word docs please) and click on send.


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