Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Search Specialist: SEO

Doubledot Media a New Zealand based company that specialize in the development of online training programs and software applications for people building online businesses.

They are looking for someone who are always up-to-date on the latest trends in Search Marketing or Conversion Tactics.

Candidate should have experience and passion for SEO and inbound marketing to help build and maintain the company's online products.

Needed Skills:
  •     Have been involved in search marketing or link building campaigns.
  •     Love analytics and metrics, because they show off your superb talent.
  •     Know how to moderate content and build a powerful online brand.
  •     Have excellent writing skills and the ability to engage readers.

You will have responsibility for running aspects of our inbound marketing, on-page optimisation and local search marketing. Your day-to-day tasks will be varied and include:
  •     Coming up with creative link bait ideas and methods to increase our web traffic.
  •     On-page optimisations.
  •     Site usability studies and research.
  •     Examining ways to improve user experience and coming up with product recommendations.
Here's how to Apply:
  •     Compose an email to jobs@doubledotmedia.com with the Subject: Search Marketing Position.
  •     Write a short (but not one-sentence) introduction with a description of yourself and your experience.
  •     Attach your CV as a PDF (No word docs please) and click on send.


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