Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Million and a half Filipinos Got Online Jobs in 2015

According to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) about 1.5 million Filipinos at the end of 2015 were able to get online jobs such as virtual assistants, writer, graphic and web designer, web admin, desktop publisher, audio and video editor, and software developer.

The 1.5 million Pinoys working at home online earn an average of $3 (P142.55) per hour and $250 (P11,879.52) per project.

With the proliferation of online jobs and the talents of Filipinos, plus the DOST’s nationwide free Wi-Fi internet, the DOST’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Office is confident more Filipino income earners would be able to find online work.

The ICT Office said Filipinos excel in writing, graphic and web design, desktop publishing, audio and video editing, software development, and virtual office assistance skills.

All that an online worker who has the necessary skills needs is a computer with access to the Internet, the agency said.

Income rates depend on the job’s level of difficulty as well as the worker’s online reputation, gained from ratings given by previous online employers.

Online jobs can be found through job websites like,, and


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