Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Home-based Job For Writers

Headlines & Global News ( a U.S. based online publishing company is looking for Full-time writers who can work at the comfort of their own home. The company's mission is to entertain, inform and ultimately inspire readers with whom they seek partnership and from whom they welcome dialogue and respectful debate. Their editors are committed to delivering timely and accurate daily content that are impartial news briefs, features, interviews and commentary covering global events, politics, business, technology, health, lifestyle, sports, celebrity and entertainment.

Headquarters: 33 Whitehall Street – 7th Floor
New York, New York 10004


1. Can manage to compose at least 5 articles with a minimum of 300 words (plus)
per article.
2. Comfortable or has an experience writing on Trending News (Entertainment; Health; Lifestyle; Celebrities; Sports; and Technology) and Legal News (Politics; and Business). Topics will be on a ratio.
3. Able to work on the following shift: 9am-6pm or 3pm-12pm PHT (Monday-Friday).
4. Knowledgeable on SEO.
5. Have excellent english grammar and spelling.

This is a home based job and you'll be required to provide your own PC or Laptop, a reliable internet connection, headset and a Skype Account.

**Payroll is every first week of the month (once a month only) though Paypal.
Remuneration: $3 Per Article, with added bonus opportunities for traffics and page reviews as well as promotions.

If you are interested to apply send the following through email:
1. Updated Resume (Include: Contact Nos., Email Address, and Skype Account)
2. 3 Article Samples.

Email address:

or Apply Here


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