Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Home based Job: Product Researcher, Ebay Lister

An E-commerce Sales company that have been established since 2014 is looking for employees ad contractors to help them expand and grow their business. They are looking for individuals who can do product research from different supplier websites and list the products on Ebay.

The main task will be product research and then listing the items that meet certain guidelines into Ebay.


- 18 years old and above
- Working knowledge of Ebay
- Knowledge of SEO
- Working knowledge of Hydralister preferable
- Experience with Excel spreadsheets

To apply you will be required to complete this task to prove to me that you have working knowledge of listing on Ebay:

Search for 3 products that have been sold on Ebay during the past 15 days for at least 20% more than their cost on Amazon.

For example, if you find an product that sold on Ebay for $55, and the price of the exact same product cost $40 on Amazon, that item would qualify as the profit margin would exceed 20%.

Please find 3 products meeting this criteria to complete this task, and return the information to me in a professional manner.

This is a steady job from week to week if you are a good employee and continue to grow and improve over time.



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